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Meet The Team

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Jennece Black- Harris


An industry visionary. Jennece has been delighted by theater since being a young child. Having grown up on the stage and the daughter to talented parents, Jennece set out to create a production company that would inspire children, be affordable for parents, and create unforgettable experiences. A licensed educator, wife, mother, and community activist, Jennece believes in the beauty of theater and the elegance of pageantry. Her most recent title is Mrs. Silver State Ambassador Regency 2021 as well as the National Talent Winner in 2021 as well. She prides herself on being a director and choreographer that pushes limits and helps students realize their full potential. 


Tiffany Hunter

Assistant Director

Tiffany is the backbone of this organization. Her administrative and organizational skills keep all of our paperwork and documentation in order. She is swift to communicate as well as thoughtful and courteous. She runs the front and back of the house often at events and keeps a tight schedule. A beauty queen as well, Tiffany has shown the true epitome of a service attitude. She cares about the families and the experience of BlackQueen Productions and is always providing fresh ideas to keep our brand strong and undeniable. 


Jaime Goldsmith

Brand Ambassador

Music Director

Jaime is a woman of many talents. She will surprise you with the array of instruments she has learned to play on her own and her delightful voice. Having grown up with a musical theater background and graced the stage as our first NEVADA American Elegance Queen under BlackQueen Productions, Jaime has shown herself to be a force of talent and beauty. She is a powerhouse relator and educates the community on ways to obtain home ownership. She celebrates diversity and supporting the efforts of many non-profit organizations. Jaime stays committed to the mission of BlackQueen Productions and has been an integral part of our success.


"In these past few years, I 've learned that investing in one's self yields the greatest return."    - Jennece Black- Harris 
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